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Collage—united in death

fig. 1. ‘United in death’ by antyphayes, 2020.

Following on from the latent promo of last week, this week another collage that appears in my recent poetry collection, sex poem (2022).

I would like to say that I have been reading too much Georges Bataille, and that I am defiantly, nay religiously joyful in the face of death in a godless universe. Partly true, if somewhat aspirational simultaneously. To find peace in that imagined frozen moment. That’s the trick.

If you stay tuned, which is now compulsory since we began to live within the broadcast, more details, maybe even some content to fill in the form, will be revealed.

Plus noumenal prizes.

Whatdoyouknow! I have already used the image above in an earlier post, that comes with one free poem (per customer) not included in sex poem. Bonus!