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Eight years ago, I split my blogging life in two. One blog, Notes from the Sinister Quarter, for my research into the Situationist International, as well as other related left-communist and post-situationist writings. The other blog, work & days of the antyphayes, for my stuff on science fiction, poetry, “creative” writing, collages, etc.

Since then, I’ve finished my PhD (on the Situationist International, available here) and reached an impasse (or three) with my blogs. So, in an effort to start again on a higher level, and in a relentlessly Hegelian spirit, here’s the sinister science, enthusiasm revived and raring to go.

On, through, by way of the sinister science I’ll tear down the walls between sf and the SI. I plan on writing on the Situationists and science fiction; figuratively, because this wall does not, in fact, exist at all: everything is afflicted by the sinister science, and the sinister science afflicts all.

So why is it called the sinister science?

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The image on the masthead of this blog is taken from an illustration by Ed Emshwiller, which appeared on the cover of Venture Science Fiction Magazine, July 1958.

The image used for the ‘About’ section, above, is taken from an illustration by H. R. Van Dongen which appeared on the cover of Analog Science Fact – Fiction, January 1961.

Both images have been sinisterly altered.

sf & critical theory join forces to destroy the present

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