Collage—united in death

fig. 1. ‘United in death’ by antyphayes, 2020.

Following on from the latent promo of last week, this week another collage that appears in my recent poetry collection, sex poem (2022).

I would like to say that I have been reading too much Georges Bataille, and that I am defiantly, nay religiously joyful in the face of death in a godless universe. Partly true, if somewhat aspirational simultaneously. To find peace in that imagined frozen moment. That’s the trick.

If you stay tuned, which is now compulsory since we began to live within the broadcast, more details, maybe even some content to fill in the form, will be revealed.

Plus noumenal prizes.

Whatdoyouknow! I have already used the image above in an earlier post, that comes with one free poem (per customer) not included in sex poem. Bonus!


fig. 1. ‘curses’ by antyphayes, 2022.

Two collages this week. The first is a cut and paste job. The second looks like a cut and paste job but was assembled digitally.

I just couldn’t let this image go, and perhaps had a few regrets once I made one of the choices into a sticked-glued-up-thing.

The original image was taken during the Apollo 9 mission. The figure in view is David Scott, the command module pilot. I’ve always dug the fully red helmet of Scott’s in this mission, and wished they’d used them on other Apollo missions.

Why oh why did they drop the fully red paint job?

The second collage is arguably better than the first. You be the judge. It ended up in my recent poetry collection, sex poem (2022). More on that, later…

fig. 2. ‘I– I live!’ by antyphayes, 2022.

Collage—what there’s more?

fig. 1. ‘What there’s more?’ by antyphayes, 2005

Not sure what to say about this. Is there more to life than just this? Sure.

My penchant for word balloons is clearly on display. Perhaps it is the dual influence of photo comics as a kid and surrealism as a kid-not-kid that paints a picture here.

I’m not sure about the sources. The text is most likely from a single issue of a comic. The picture is almost certainly from the redoubtable National Geographic–a photo of some type of nefarious training exercise by the USAF.

A pox on all the houses.

This has been another Collage Tuesday post.

Collage—what’s happened?

fig. 1. ‘What’s happened?’ by antyphayes (2009)

I made this collage in late 2009. At the time I was a relatively footloose and fancy free half-time parent working casually in a bookstore and stalking the local poetry scene with my tales of woe and science fiction absurdity. Part of this story can be read here.

The usual suspects are deployed here: National Geographic, though if I recall correctly, one from 1969 and another from the 1930s or 40s. Snip snip! Additionally, I used images and word balloons from Madman Comics # 2. Chop chop!

This has been another Collage Tuesday post.