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My guide to the best short SF fiction. Will be updated.

Microcosmic God—Theodore Sturgeon (1941)

Universe—Robert A. Heinlein (1941)

The Star Mouse—Frederic Brown (1942)

The Cave— P. Schuyler Miller (1943)

Desertion—Clifford D. Simak (1944)

First Contact—Murray Leinster (1945)

The Last Objective—Paul A. Carter (1946)

Vintage Season—C. L. Moore and Henry Kutner (1946)

E For Effort—T.L. Sherred (1947)

Alien Earth—Edmond Hamilton (1949)

Spectator Sport—John D. MacDonald (1950)

Dear Devil—Eric Frank Russel (1950)

Coming Attraction—Fritz Leiber (1950)

A Pail of Air—Fritz Leiber (1951)

Bettyann—Kris Neville (1951)

Dark Benediction—Walter M. Miller, jr. (1951)

Old Man Henderson—Kris Neville (1951)

Delay In Transit—F. L. Wallace (1952)

The Altar At Midnight—Cyril Kornbluth (1952)

What’s It Like Out There?—Edmond Hamilton (1952)

Cost Of Living—Robert Sheckley (1952)

Ticket To Anywhere—Damon Knight (1952)

The Liberation Of Earth—William Tenn (1953)

Second Variety—Philip K. Dick (1953)

Sam Hall—Poul Anderson (1953)

Down Among The Dead Men—William Tenn (1954)

Short In The Chest—Margaret St. Clair (1954)

The Last of the Masters—Philip K. Dick

The Tunnel Under The World—Frederik Pohl (1955)

The Darfsteller—Walter M. Miller, jr. (1955)

The Country Of The Kind—Damon Knight (1956)

Omnilingual—H. Beam Piper (1957)

Hunting Machine—Carol Emshwiller (1957)

The Last Man Left In The Bar—C. M. Kornbluth (1957)

Dio—Damon Knight (1957)

The Big Front Yard—Clifford D. Simak (1958)

The Burning Of The Brain—Cordwainer Smith (1958)

What Rough Beast—Damon Knight (1959)

Mind Partner—Christopher Anvil (1960)

The Ship Who Sang—Anne McCaffrey (1961)

Shards (aka. Sector Green)—Brian Aldiss (1962)

No Truce With Kings—Poul Anderson (1963)

Turn Off The Sky—Ray Nelson (1963)

A Rose For Ecclesiastes—Roger Zelazny (1963)

Hunter, Come Home—Richard McKenna (1963)

The Kragen—Jack Vance (1964)

A Man of the Renaissance—Wyman Guinn (1964)

The Dowry of Angyar—Ursula Le Guin (1964)

Oh, to be a Blobel!—Philip K. Dick (1964)

Day Million—Frederick Pohl (1966)

Hawksbill Station—Robert Silverberg (1967)

Faith of Our Fathers—Philip K. Dick (1967)

The complete list can be found here.

UPDATED: 20 December 2021

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